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MomMoodBooster How it Works

Women will receive 6 weekly sessions that help them improve their mood by using strategies to:

  • Identify negative thoughts and how to overcome them
  • Increase positive thoughts to feel better
  • Do more pleasant activities to regain life balance
  • Get helpful support from others
  • Use tools to keep track of mood

MMB also sends supportive reminders, has a separate website for partners, and it is delivered in a secure, reliable way that protects privacy.

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For Organizations
1 in 9 perinatal women experience depression

About 1 in every 9 pregnant and postpartum (perinatal) women experience depression

Research-Driven Treatment Options

In a controlled trial, 79% of depressed women assigned to receive MomMoodBooster were no longer diagnosed depressed at the end of 3 months. By contrast, only 18% of women in usual care were no longer depressed. MMB users also showed a greater reduction in the severity of their depression symptoms. The benefits of MMB have been demonstrated and replicated in research published in peer-reviewed journals.

About Us

Learn About One Mom

I felt frustrated, tearful and overwhelmed after my baby was born. I thought I just had baby blues. But, since getting some help, I know that these were signs of postpartum depression.

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