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NorthShore University HealthSystem

NorthShore University HealthSystem

NorthShore University HealthSystem (NorthShore) is an integrated healthcare delivery system serving patients throughout the Chicago metropolitan area, has about 2,100 affiliated physicians and it has an academic affiliation with the University of Chicago Pritzker School of Medicine. More than 7,200 women deliver in the health system annually.

The NorthShore University HealthSystem Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology pioneering Perinatal Depression Program provides proactive universal screening for perinatal depression. To date, it has administered more than 100,000 mood screens and provided a critical patient safety net that includes a 24/7/365 hotline jointly sponsored by NorthShore and the State of Illinois.

NorthShore is currently collaborating with the MomMoodBooster (MMB) team on a NIMH SBIR grant-funded research project to test the program as one of the treatment options routinely offered to depressed mothers in their Perinatal Depression Program. In addition, NorthShore has collaborated on other MMB research grant applications and has funded important MMB enhancements.


Dr. Richard Silver
Chairman of Obstetrics & Gynecology and the Chief Academic Officer at NorthShore University HealthSystem, and Clinical Professor and Associate Dean for Education in the Biological Sciences Division, Pritzker School of Medicine

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You will receive 6 weekly sessions that help you improve your mood by giving you strategies to:

  • Identify negative thoughts and how to overcome them
  • Increase positive thoughts to feel better
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  • Use tools to keep track of your mood

MMB also sends reminders, has a separate website for your partner, and it is delivered in a secure, reliable way that protects your privacy.

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1 in 9 perinatal women experience depression

About 1 in every 9 pregnant and postpartum (perinatal) women experience depression

Research-Driven Treatment Options

In a controlled trial, 79% of depressed women assigned to receive MomMoodBooster were no longer diagnosed depressed at the end of 3 months. By contrast, only 18% of women in usual care were no longer depressed. MMB users also showed a greater reduction in the severity of their depression symptoms. The benefits of MMB have been demonstrated and replicated in research published in peer-reviewed journals.

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I felt frustrated, tearful and overwhelmed after my baby was born. I thought I just had baby blues. But, since getting some help, I know that these were signs of postpartum depression.